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The Terrible Zodin
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This is the art branch of The Terrible Zodin, a Doctor Who fanzine which uses fan art to illustrate its pages. We do this for fun, and we need your art!

Current Residence: The Five Doctors

Well, as my birthday is coming up (theterriblezodin's birthday is 23 November because the fanzine launched that day; I mean my actual birthday) I wanted to give a shout out to 30 of my favorite dA artists because dA has enriched my life, and these artists have inspired me to keep drawing. I know I should spend more time generally on my art, but with all my other commitments, it can be hard. So they deserve a pat on the back.

So, in no particular order:

  1. clover-teapot is a very hard-working digital artist who I recently discovered. I have absolutely no digital art ability so I admire it when others produce such stunning pieces in really eye-popping color. Clover avatar by clover-teapot

  2. SmudgeThistle Expecto Patronum by SmudgeThistle

    is one of the most prolific artists I know. I love her expressive, colorful Doctor Who art, which embraces everything in canon. I'm especially heartened to see her Classic Doctors art. She is one of the most frequently published artists in TTZ. I love her dreamy Eighth Doctor.

  3. drivaaar 6620 by Drivaaar

    I know primarily from his work which I published in my
    Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars fanzine, 9:06, and then because he graciously allowed us to interview him in TTZ regarding his coloring work on Doctor Who comics. If I could afford to, I'd have him color all my own inked panels.

  4. ancalinar Dis, again by ancalinar

    has drawn all kinds of things I like, but it's her fabulous
    Hobbit/Lord of the Rings inspired art that has made me follow her Desert Oasis comic with baited breath. I loved all her work on Dis and other female dwarves (and not being afraid to follow the directive that they have beards, too, just like their men). I adore her expressive sketch style in Desert Oasis and am really jealous of it, in fact, as it looks so effortless.

  5. squonkhunter 2nd Basilio Dump by squonkhunter

    I discovered recently for her propensity to draw 18
    th century men (and make them hot, generally). I love her project of animating Gulliver's Travels and her obsession with opera. She also keeps a blog.

  6. AlixPaugham Barbara Wright: digital by AlixPaugam

    is another prolific
    Doctor Who artist whose energetic sketches have made her frequently published in TTZ as of late.

  7. breathing2004 likely doesn't know I exist. Nevertheless, his Lord of the Rings abstracted/stained glass window art is mind-blowing, and I have bought his prints as presents for friends and for myself.

  8. SceithAilm draws all kinds of pretty stuff t

    hat I love. For example, though Tom Hiddleston does nothing for me, her photo-realistic portraits of him are amazing. It's really her Richard Armitage art which is breathtaking, however, whether as Mr Thornton from
    North and South, Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood, or Thorin from The Hobbit. I am very envious of her mad skillz.Das Rheingold by SceithAilm

  9. jubah's Tar-Vanimelde by jubah

    style is so distinctive, which is really an asset when you do hard-core Tolkien fan art (in the sense that much of it is from
    The Simarillion and the more obscure realms). She does a lot more than just Tolkien fan art, however. All her work is beautiful and bright.

  10. I just adore Kimberley80's Hobbit fan art—photorealistic and colorful art ahoy! Tolkien by kimberly80

  11. orookayasu is a genius. Her Doctor Who art is absolutely amazing, and I feel privileged that we've managed to snag her for so many issues of TTZ. She has done some wonderful Master art and seems to be as adept in black-and-white as she is in color. me by orookayasu

  12. squidlarkin DW: Happy Holidays by squidlarkin

    is another fabulous artist whom we've managed to publish several times in TTZ. She did the cover to issue 10.

  13. Fi-Di I recently discovered. I just love her fluid sketch style, and I was so excited by the fact that she offered “couples” sketch pages as one of her commissions, I HAD to have one. No ifs, ands, or buts! I HAD TO!! And what she came up with was absolutely lovely. Having an artist like this willing to give life to your OCs is a real privilege. Vintage Fidi by Fi-Di

  14. danmcdaid has been a favorite artist of mine since his debut strip in Doctor Who Magazine, “Hotel Historia.” Since then, he has just gone from strength to strength, and his strips for DWM have been among the best of the last few years, if not of all time. Unfortunately I don't keep up with his newest stuff like I should. He was kind enough to provide 9:06 and an issue of TTZ with covers, and has allowed us to interview Majenta Pryce, one of the best companions ever. I can't say enough good things about him. Daak vs Dalek by danmcdaid

  15. Draculasaurus new ID charcoal by Draculasaurus

    also has a prestigious association with TTZ, and his moody watercolors marry perfectly with his favorite Doctor Who era to depict, Jon Pertwee's tenure. Also he loves Pigbin Josh.

  16. lberghol's Harry Potter fan art I discovered eons before I ever joined dA, and I absolutely adored it. For me, far more than the films ever were, her depictions of the characters in the novels were definitive.Valentines 209 -HP by lberghol

  17. Katikut is a phenomenon. Her art is so stunningly professional; I have several small prints of her work surrounding me at my work desk to provide inspiration and just as objets d'art. She's also an impressive historical costumier. My Christine Daae Dress @ the Opera Garnier by Katikut

  18. Eriksdesdemona probably wanted to strangle me after I found her dA account and began favoriting everything she had ever done. Let me assure you, it was never spamming: I just was blown away by her pinpoint accuracy: all the images I had seen in my head of Erik and other Phantom of the Opera characters over the twelve or so years since I read the novel had become manifest in her art. Beyond the Horizon by EriksDesdemona

  19. Eurasia-art is an incredibly talented young woman who has done a lot for TTZ, both in terms of visual art and writing (in a different language than her mother tongue, I might add) and who I consider a friend. I have been very lucky in that my association with TTZ has allowed me to make friends all over the world with wonderful people like her.Doctor Me? by eurasia-art

  20. SteveAndrew is a superb draughtsman and inker who draws all the things that I love (Doctor Who, Batman, etc). Furthermore, he does really ingenious Target novelization covers. He should be rich and famous by now.Vote Six (2013) by SteveAndrew

  21. Mad Love Profile by memorypalace

    I love Harley Quinn and I love the Joker. However, I haven't found many artists on dA who I consistently turn to for fan art of them. memorypalace is one. He draws some mean Doctor Who stuff as well.

  22. monsterartist is a very talented professional who specializes in paintings of cult horror (his passion for Godzilla, the Hulk, and Fritz the Nite Owl are legendary). However, he has also done some excellent work for TTZ. Also he loves pugs. The Tenth Doctor by monsterartist

  23. konijnemans always manages to pleasantly surprise me with her Doctor Who art, which illustrates (among other things) the Eighth Doctor audio adventures with Charley and Lucie, which are woefully under-represented in mainstream Doctor Who art. She's very witty. 2013 by konijnemans

  24. Harbek 12 Go Team TARDIS! by harbek

    is another one of those artists whose photo-realistic style is so good, you want to tear your hair out (in a good way). Her David Tennant portraits are particularly good. Aw, heck, everything she's done is worth looking at.

  25. whatthefoucault The Sexiest Legs On Television by whatthefoucault

    rocks the universe. Browsing thorugh her prolific Doctor Who art collection is almost like absorbing 50 years of fandom. I particularly like her Evelyn and Six art and her dressed down pairings (like what the Brigadier and Three do on the weekends, for example).

  26. deedeetee's work has graced many an issue of TTZ. I love her bright, graphic style.Warhol's Eleven by deedeetee

  27. Mustamirri Clara Who Doctor Who by mustamirri

    has a very interesting style, quite chunky and full of volume and strong lines. I really liked her Classic Doctor Who stuff, but now I am addicted to her Mucha-inspired companion art. Really unique and utterly beautiful objets d'art.

  28. Ladyyatexel Star Trek : Skant Space Nine by ladyyatexel

    pulled out all the stops several times to contribute art to TTZ, helping with the black-and-white cover to our Troughton-era tribute issue, and creating the most amazing music-inspired Doctor/companion art. She is incredibly talented and always trying new things.

  29. Marc137 Bane Rising 2 - For Sale by Marc137

    is another artist who draws a lot of my favorite things, including Doctor Who (he's contributed to several issues of TTZ) and Batman. He has a lovely painterly style.

  30. Miss-Alex-Aphey Time, space, music by Miss-Alex-Aphey

    has done some really sweet digital art for Doctor Who. We published her recently in TTZ from her series of gender-bending Doctor Who costumes.

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